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Native iOS Widgets

Simply pick a widget from the widget library and drop it to your mockup screen, then start customizing widgets using options.

Interface covers almost all iOS widgets (iOS 7 & iOS 8), and it follows the guidelines suggested by Apple when creating widgets to achieve pixel-perfect results.



Shapes are custom widgets developed for Interface. Shapes make it easier for you to create your mockup screen without drawing your own images.

  • Editor
  • Zoom
  • Layout Assistant
  • Inspector
  • Hierarchy Bar
  • Undo Redo

Advanced Editor

Interface comes with a sophisticated editor for rapid prototyping.

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Icon layout
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Layout Assistant

Icon inspector
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Icon hierarchy
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Hierarchy Bar

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Undo / Redo

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Use the Zoom Panel to zoom in or zoom out your screen.

Zoom in allows more precise widget selection, while zoom out provides an overview of your screen, especially useful when creating iPad screens.

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Layout Assistant

The smart Layout Assistant helps you align your widgets quickly.

With snapping & clipping support, it is much easier to position your widgets to the right place.

Inspector Inspector 2


The Inspector Panel allows you to change attributes of a widget.

Widget attributes are categorized. With features such as Number Pad Popover and Inline Selection, customizing your widget is easy and fast.

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Hierarchy Bar

Always know where you are with the View Hierarchy Bar.

Use the View Hierarchy Bar to quickly jump between parent widget and sub widgets, and perform actions such as Reorder, Cut, Paste & Duplicate.

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Undo / Redo

With full undo / redo support, you can always edit your screen with confidence, knowing that you are able to undo your previous edits at any time.

The editor provides full undo / redo support, whether it is removing a widget, changing an attribute or adding an action, you are covered.

  • Custom Editors
  • Text Style Editor
  • Gradient Editor
  • Image Editor
  • Color Editor

Custom Editors

Built-in custom editors allow you to create custom effects and content without leaving the app.

Icon text

Text Style Editor

Icon gradient

Gradient Editor

Icon image

Image Editor

Icon color

Color Editor

Text style
Text style overlay
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Text Style Editor

Define your text style preset and apply it to supported widgets with the Text Style Editor.

Choose your desired font, foreground color, background color, underline color & more, creating a style is easy.

Gradient overlay
Black pad

Gradient Editor

iOS is all about gradients, the Gradient Editor allows you to create gradients with ease, simply choose node colors & angle, and you are good to go.

Interface also includes a collection of iOS 7 & iOS 8 inspired gradient presets for your convenience.

Image overlay
Black pad

Image Editor

Image Editor provides essential image editing functions for rapid prototyping.

With support for resizing, shadows, colorize and more, you don't have to leave the app to edit an image.

Color overlay
Black pad

Color Editor

Pick and save your color presets with the Color Editor. With RGB value, HEX value & alpha support, picking the right color is simple.

Interface also includes a collection of iOS 7 & iOS 8 inspired color presets for your convenience.

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Actions & Preview

Link screens in your project with native iOS animations. With support for different triggers, it is easy to simulate your app's whole flowchart.

Preview your app flow right within Interface, or export the project to a Web Presentation and share it to anyone.


Web Presentation

Share your project with anyone simply by exporting the project to a Web Presentation.

View Web Presentation on a mobile device, it works like a real app, with full action animations support.

Web Presentation can be viewed in all modern browsers. PRIVACY

Web Presentation Demo
Pdf icon

PDF Export

Export your project to a multi-page PDF to share with anyone.

With the built-in document sharing feature, you can export PDF to iBook, Dropbox, Google Drive and more, or simply Email to share.

Download sample PDF to see it for yourself.

Sample PDF

Packed with Features

Additional Feature Highlights

  • Stock Assets
  • Airdrop
  • Image Import
  • Password
Stock asset

Stock Assets

We’ve handpicked a list of high quality stock icons & patterns, installation is just one tap away in the Asset Library panel. ?

You have access to over 5,000 retina ready icons from great providers such as linea & icojam.

Including These Awesome Assets

Sharing with Airdrop

Interface adopts the standard iOS sharing dialog for document & link sharing.

With the sharing dialog you can easily save PDFs and Images to your desired apps, such as Dropbox, Google Drive & more, or share with another iOS device with Airdrop.

Image import

Image Import

It is easy to get your custom images into Interface.

Interface supports Dropbox for loading your custom images, you can also import images from iTunes File Sharing or Camera Roll.



Set a password for your top secret project.

A password protected project requires password to open, edit & export, and the project thumbnail is also hidden. ?


Watch the step-by-step guide

Interface is an advanced app, and we've prepared a 20-minute comprehensive step-by-step video tutorial to get you started.

In the video we created an app similar to the Mail app with actions & transitions.

  • Support
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  • Requirements
  • iOS 8 Beta
Do you have a user manual?

After you install the app, there will be an in-app video tutorial section, we've created a 20 minutes comprehensive step-by-step video guide, you can watch it here.

You can also check out the getting started web presentation.

I purchased Interface 2 / 3 before, now it is free, what would happen to my copy?
We still maintain a Full Version in the App Store and we will keep adding great new features to both the free version and the full version.
I shared my exported Web Presentation project via a link, can I removed the link to my project later?
Yes, when you exported the project you are provided with a PIN to manage your presentation, with the PIN you can access presentation settings including removing the project.
Can I add a password to my Web Presentation?
Yes, you can add a password by accessing the presentation setting page with your PIN.
What happened to Xcode export feature on Interface 2?
Xcode export was a key feature in Interface 2, it allows viewing & sharing project on actual mobile device, however by supporting Xcode export it limits the core mockup features that we can provide on the Interface app, with Interface 3 we've a long list of advanced mockup features planned such as Templates and customizable Widget Library.

We believes the new Web Presentation export works better for sharing your projects.
Interface 2 lacks updates, do you have an update policy?
From Interface 3 we will change our update policy: instead of releasing major updates over a long period of time, we will be constantly releasing small updates, and all updates will be free.